“When I started my program, I had three goals – cook more healthy meals, take more time for me and research a new career path. Jenn was able to help me work on these goals by listening to me, making me realize I’m capable of anything I set my mind to and good enough to do the things I want. Since working with Jenn, I’ve seen a boost in my confidence and self-esteem, I cook more and I’m working more on my career. I even take time for myself now. Definitely work with Jenn, she’ll help you change your life!” — S

Jenn Mullen is a very supportive life coach! She provides educational and practical workshops on how to simplify your busy life! Her experiences and advice are helpful in making personal decisions when you are at a crossroads in your life. — B

I really liked this [Vision Board] workshop because in the past my vision board was just pictures of things I liked or quotes I liked. Jenn made me think about goals and dreams. I’m not finished yet but I have things on there that I know I can do and accomplish. I made the board differently and I really appreciated all the great advice and help Jenn gave us. It was excellent and I would do it again for sure!!

Working with Jenn via this [Vision Board] workshop was awesome. I was able to learn and think of a different ways of approaching my vision board for 2020. I look forward to see what else Jenn has to offer for services & workshops. — B

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