These are some of my favorite items that I use in my daily routines. Anything from stuff around the house to clothing to food. Any questions on any of the items, just ask!

Around the House

These are the items I use most often around my house. Whether it’s to organize a space in my home, protect my family from allergens or clean the air naturally, I love using these tools.

Reusable storage bags to hold all your snacks.
This bin is great for larger grab & go item, like fruit, larger toys or athletic balls.
An inexpensive diffuser that does the job!
Bin labels help identify where things go and create efficiency.
A travel pill container with 6 compartments – perfect for your supplements.
Literally the BEST broom I have ever owned!
Perfect for organizing papers, snack bars or towels in the bathroom.
This pillow protector keeps your head free and clear of bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens.


These books have all helped me on my personal development journey. And I know they will help you too!

Clothing & Shoes

Picking out the right thing to wear has always been a bit of a challenge for me. These companies have helped me learn what to wear, when and how to style them.

Get a $25 credit just for trying their styling service.
Here’s $15 for your first order!
Here’s $10 for your first order!


I’ve always been an active person and these tools have come in handy.

This belt helps me hold my keys, inhaler and other items when I run.
Kinesiotape is great for helping sore muscles, shin splits and more.
This one gadget helps you do so many moves!


I’m a foodie but a healthy one. These favorites have helped me get my hands on good food and become more educated about the industry.

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These tools have been game changers for me. They help with scheduling, structure and give piece of mind.

The planners from Simplified are AMAZING!
Get $10 to spend on your first planner.

A yearly dry erase calendar to help you plan your days and live mindfully.


I love to travel and these are my go-tos for when I’m on the move.

The only way I’ll stay!
They fit in the cupholder of your car so you always have tissues on hand.

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