Who is Jenn Mullen?

The brief version…

She’s a Transformation Coach that started Just Live Mindfully after a long journey that focused on learning all about health and wellness, mindfulness and happiness.

But there’s a lot more to her…

She’s an asthmatic, a suicide attempt survivor, a wife, a momma to two adorable fur babies and is super passionate about teaching others that there is a way to live the happy, healthy life they deserve!

Here’s more of the story…

Jenn was born a severe asthmatic, but…

Her parents didn’t know until months after she was born. She had a TON of energy and hit all the right milestones but there was one thing she just couldn’t do well. Breathe. Of all things to be bad at, breathing was not the one she would have chosen.

As a child, she never wanted to eat because she never felt great. She was always super skinny and her parents worried. If they knew then what she knows now, her childhood might have been very different.

Flash forward a few years…

She found food. She gained weight, a lot of it, despite being really active in sports throughout the year and she still struggled with her health – both her physical and her mental health.

Things got so bad that she even tried to commit suicide. She felt like she didn’t belong, she wasn’t important enough, she didn’t want to keep treading water and she wanted to make it all go away.

Jenn had doctors that would help her the best they could, yet it wouldn’t be until much later that she would learn their help wasn’t enough. She realized she needed to educate herself in order to help herself.

Jenn had finally found her path!

By the grace of God, Jenn was connected with this human being – her husband. He made her feel important, helped her with challenges she faced, supported her through her never-ending pursuit for knowledge and kept her grounded. And he was the yin to her yang.

He went along with her when she told him she needed resources to help her cure myself of her health issues. He pushed her when she didn’t want to put in the work to change. And he encouraged her every step of the way.

She continued on that newly found path…

Every step she’s taken has taught her that being mindful in a crazy world is the key to living a wonderful life. The journey that she’s taken has helped her find the happy, healthy life that she learned and KNEW was possible.

And it’s all led her to where she is today. The baby steps she took became the foundation of what she teaches now. Making sure to take small steps ultimately led her to big transformations and helped her accomplish so much.

She became a Coach in order to help you take your own baby steps, make big transformations in your own life and find the happy, healthy life that you deserve!

So are you ready to take your first step?